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The Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations: Andorra, land of hikers


The Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations was born recently. It aims to create a preserved natural space through the building of a common identity brand between 3 countries: France, Spain and Andorra. The opportunity to discover beautiful hiking routes in Andorra, in the valleys of Coma Pedrosa and Sorteny.

The Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations was launched

On August 24, 2018, La Massana, Andorra, the act of creation of the new Pyrenees Park of the 3 Nations was signed.

This territory is now one of the largest and protected cross-border areas in Europe. It is precisely composed of:

  • The Alt Pireneu Natural Park, Spain
  • The Natural Parks of the Sorteny valley and the Coma Pedrosa valley in Andorra,
  • The Regional Natural Park of the Ariège.

The Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations in figures

Initiated ten years ago by the specialist of the Ariège Pyrenees Michel Sébastien, the Pyrenean Park of the 3 Nations is the group of already existing entities aiming to form a common area of 428 000 hectares, that is almost 4 300 km². Here are its main features:

  • It includes 188, specifically 15 in Spain (Catalonia), 2 in Andorra and 171 in France.
  • It extends over a mountainous territory and it is home to 3 main summits exceeding 3 000 meters of altitude: the Pica d´Estats (3 143 m), the Pic de Montcalm (3 077 m) and the Pic du Port de Sullo (3072 m). What a privilege to go hiking in beautiful mountains of Andorra, France and Spain!

The Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations submits its candidacy to UNESCO

The main objectives of the Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations are the joint tourist promotion of a territory with proven natural resources, the socio-economic dynamism of a region and the consolidation of exchanges between countries in terms of sustainable development and natural heritage .

One of the first lines of action chosen by its promoters is the elaboration of an application to UNESCO by 2020-2021. The ranking of the Pyrenean Park of the 3 Nations could thus be validated as a transboundary biosphere reserve that would extend from Mont Valier to Montcalm via Mont Rouch, Certescan, Cirque de Cagateille and the Soulcem Valley. This would be the first reserve of this type in the Pyrenees.

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The opportunity to rediscover beautiful hiking routes in Andorra

The advent of the Pyrenees Park of the 3 Nations is an opportunity to offer a focus on two of the most beautiful hiking routes in Andorra, one in the valley of Coma Pedrosa, the other one in the Sorteny.

The Andorran hiking from the Pic de Coma Pedrosa through the shelter of the Coma Pedrosa

Are you ready to climb to almost 3,000 meters (2,942 meters) on the highest peak of Andorra? This hike will surely leave you with unforgettable memories.

The route of the Pic de Coma Pedrosa has a varied trials through pine forests, high pastures, lakes, waterfalls, torrents and rocky ridges. The path is very well marked and you will not be able to get lost. You will only have to open your eyes wide to make the most of the sumptuous panoramas that will stand in front of you!

The details of the launch

This popular hike in Andorra is easy, especially if you make a rest stop at the Coma Pedrosa hut, which is located halfway. However, it will be necessary to be fit to hike 1,400 meters in altitude over a distance of 14 km, which is not given to everyone! The tour starts from the village of Arinsal, near La Massana.

The Pic de La Serrera (2,913 m) through the Sorteny valley

The spectacular rise of the Pic de La Serrera (2,913 meters) through the Sorteny valley and the Els Meners pass will also delight hiking fans in Andorra.

The departure of the route is from El Serrat, in the parish of Ordino. The climb to Sorteny refuge is easy but requires trained breathing. From this point, you will follow two well-known routes of the Pyrenees, the HRP (High Pyrenees Hiking) and the GRP (Great Hiking Trail of the Principality of Andorra) that crisscross the entire Sorteny Valley.

The many species of flora and fauna typical of this geographical area will delight lovers of nature.

The details of this typical Andorran hike

Count a full day to climb the Pic de La Serrera (2,913 m) and go down into the valley (6 h 30 walk approximately). It will face a vertical drop of over a thousand meters, that is not something to be taken lightly, again. Like the previous one, this hike in Andorra is therefore can be physically challenging. But the sacrifice is certainly worth it!

That is pretty much about the Pyrenees Park of 3 Nations and two beautiful hikes in Andorra! There are of course many other equally tempting places! Moreover, if you have enjoyed your stay in the Principality, know that expatriation in Andorra is acclaimed by a growing number of people. Do not hesitate to contact Set UpPrivate Concierge, on the subject. We will advise you on how to obtain the status of residentsearch for housinghelp with business creationregistration to the social security, etc.