Expatriation in Andorra

Shopping and stores in Pas de la Casa and througout Andorra


A mountainous country shining by its sumptuous landscapes and its cultural richness, the Principality is often considered, rightly, as the paradise of shopping. The opportunities for good business in Andorra are present throughout the year in the shops of Pas de la Casa, Andorra la Vella and other cities in the country. Here’s everything you need to know for a successful shopping in Andorra.

All about shopping in Andorra!

The two main shopping areas in Andorra are located in Pas de la Casa and Andorra la Vella. With around 2,000 stores, the famous Meritxell Avenue, located in the heart of the capital, symbolizes the attractiveness of the stores of the Principality of Andorra. Shopping centers like Pyrenees are also famous.

For all wishes!

Coming from France, the Pas de la Casa stores offer multiple buying opportunities. In this village as in the rest of the country, the many parking lots allow to leave the car safely. From Toulouse and Perpignan, count approximately 2,5 to 3 hours of road. Buses also leave regularly from these two cities as well as from Barcelona.

Shopping in Andorra: a diversified offer

At your disposal there are various ready-to-wear and luxury boutiques, jewelry stores, perfumeries, food stalls, tobacco and alcohol outlets, motorcycle dealers, electronics and sport stores! There is something for every taste! You may not be able to resist either the small brands offering succulent original and artisan dishes, or renowned wine merchants. Many international brands are also present in the stores of Andorra. Don´t you think it is amazing?

Unbelievable prices

The attractiveness of shopping in Andorra is certainly based on the price of products and goods. The tax rate is very low, the VAT does not exceed, for example, 4.5% on many consumer goods. These favorable rates are also very often coupled with promotional offers or periods reserved for sales.

The opportunities to do great deal in the stores of Pas de la Casa or Andorra la Vella are legion throughout the year! Discounts can sometimes reach 80% of the selling price! And the payment is very easy since the official currency of the country is the Euro.

Sales in the stores of Pas de la Casa and Andorra la Vella

Two main sales periods are scheduled in the Principality, in summer and in winter:

  • summer sales start on the third Friday of June and end at the end of August;
  • winter sales start on the third Friday of December and end at the end of February.

Given the already very advantageous prices on the territory, shopping in Andorra’s stores, and especially Pas de la Casa, during the sales period, mean the realization of very good deals.

Shopping in Andorra: opening days and hours

The stores of Andorra la Vella and Pas de Casa, like those of the rest of the Principality, are open 361 days a year! That is to say all year except the following holidays, dedicated to Christmas, New Year’s Day and national holidays:

  • December 25th,
  • January 1st,
  • March 14 (Feast of the Constitution),
  • September 8 (Meritxell National Holiday).

The Pas de la Casa and Andorra la Vella stores

If you are thinking of a shopping day in Andorra, note that the shop schedules are much the same in general, namely:

  • Monday to Thursday from 9AM to 8PM
  • Friday and Saturday from 9AM to 9PM
  • Sunday: 9AM to 7PM

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Stores in Pas de la Casa, Andorra la Vella and the Principality in general: customs rules

What the law says?

Warning! If your day or shopping trip to Andorra is likely to please you, be aware that purchases are subject to the rule of customs quotas. If you exceed these authorized goods limits, you must declare them and pay additional taxes when you cross the border. Controls are very common.

Customs rules: the main quotas

Here are the maximum quantities of goods and merchandise that you are allowed to take home:

  • 1000 grams of coffee,
  • 200 grams of tea
  • 1.5 liters of liquor over 22 degrees of alcohol,
  • 3 liters of liquor or aperitif with less than 22 degrees of alcohol,
  • 5 liters of wine or sparkling wine,
  • 300 cigarettes or 150 cigarillos (less than 3 g each),
  • 75 cigars (over 3 g each),
  • 400 grams of tobacco,
  • 6 liters of milk,
  • 1 kg of butter,
  • 4 kg of cheese
  • 5 kg of sugar and sweets,
  • 5 kg of meat,
  • 75 g of perfume,
  • 375 ml of eau de toilette.

That is all about shopping in Andorra and valuable information to know before you go to the stores of Pas de la Casa or Andorra la Vella. In addition, if you are thinking of coming to live in Andorra, do not hesitate to contact Set UpPrivate Concierge, specialized in expatriation in Andorra. We can inform you on many points as finding housing, the rules of business creation or the best way to open a bank account. See you soon in Andorra!