Expatriation in Andorra

Living in Andorra: the Principality among the countries preferred by expatriates


This is a result that comes up more and more frequently in the surveys regularly conducted on the subject of "living elsewhere" or "changing countries": to expatriate and live in Andorra is a solution increasingly favored by many people! It must be said that the Principality is full of many assets, which we review in this article.

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Living in Andorra: 5 big advantages of the expatriates in the Principality

The expatriates in Andorra la Vella and in the Principality enjoy an incomparable living environment

The standard of living in the Principality attracts many expatriates to Andorra. On the economic front, the low level of VAT (IGI, Impôt Général Indirect), that capped at 4.5% on multiple products and goods offers many opportunities for consumption at lower cost.

Local services are also legion in the largest cities such as Andorra la Vella, the capital of the country, Escaldes-Engordany or La Massana, to name but a few: schools, health and daycare centers, sport, leisure facilities... Everything is done for the family to fully blossom in a setting where it is really good to live. The weight of long and tedious days is rarely felt here in Andorra!

One of the world´s most successful social protection systems

If Andorra can boast of having the lowest crime rate in the world (close to 0%), the social protection system is also considered one of the best in the world (the contribution amount is not high). It relies on the excellent functioning of the CASS (Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social), the local social security.

A very attractive tax system

We make no bones about it, the reduced taxation of the country attracts many expatriates to Andorra. The country is one of the most financially attractive territories on the planet. On this point, it even comes in second place (figures of 2017) according to the annual study published by the firm Bradley Hackford.

For an investment of 350,000 euros, to move and live in Andorra is quite possible. Residents are then taxed at a maximum of 10% of their income (0% for annual income between 0 and 24,000 euros, 5% for income between 24,000 and 48,000 euros). The tax rate on corporate profits also varies from 2% to 10% maximum.

In addition, note that there is no wealth tax (ISF) in Andorra and inheritance tax is also absent.

Incredible shopping opportunities

Living in Andorra for the quality of its shopping? Yes, the opportunity to do great business throughout the year, or almost, is very attractive! In the Principality, shops are open all day, until late at night, 361 days a year! You will discover the latest news from the biggest brands in the world of fashion, beauty, luxury, perfume, sportswear, sporting goods, motorcycle, etc.

Fans of shopping who move to Andorra know by heart the famous Meritxell Avenue and its countless shops able to satisfy all the desires for often very cheap prices. The famous Pyrénées Shopping Centre itself has a very nice variety of shops. At the border between France and Andorra, the village of Pas de la Case is going to fulfill your desires!

Culture and gastronomy

Living in Andorra is not limited to frequenting the shops and stores of the country! In addition to winter sports and summer mountain activities, the Principality shines with a rich culture and gastronomy that we highly recommend you to discover. Let’s hope that the following examples will easily convince you:

  • the importance of Romanesque art: more than 40 churches, chapels and monuments bear witness to a tremendous historical legacy of more than a thousand years;
  • the omnipresence of museums: Andorra has more museums per square kilometer than any other country, the Vatican aside!
  • the mountain breeders produce succulent meat and the winegrowers from the valleys of wines are distinguished by unique refinement. Come and see!

Going to live in Andorra is easy!

The expatriates usually have the same thoughts once they have moved to Andorra: "But why did not we think about it before, it was so easy!" Which, in large widths, is quite true!

Helping the expatriates to easily live in Andorra

From our point of view you should get help once you are here so that everything goes well, it is even a necessity. The administrative formalities are certainly not very complex but all documents are written in Catalan ... Not always easy although most Andorrans also speak the French and Spanish languages.

With Set Up, Private Concierge specializing in expatriation in Andorra, you will benefit from a solid support regarding the application for residence, the opening of a bank account, the search of a house, the creation of a business and many other services that will make your daily life easier. Do not hesitate to contact us and see you soon in Andorra!