Expatriation in Andorra

Christmas & New Year’s Eve in Andorra – New Year’s Eve celebrations!


Searching for an unforgettable, magical setting to spend a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a 2019 Christmas? During this enchanted time of the year Andorra allows you to be swept back in time to your childhood - with snowflakes, gourmet food, decorated shop windows and a Christmas market. During the Christmas holidays, Andorra sparkles with a thousand lights! So don’t miss it!

Andorra’s Christmas and celebrations are just around the corner!

The Principality of Andorra comes to life for Christmas and the New Year

Magic is in the air during Andorra’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations

What would be a better gift than offering your loved ones a real winter getaway? Open your gifts in Andorra on Christmas morning and take part in Andorra’s New Year’s Eve celebration. During the Christmas season, Andorra La Vella lights up with a welcoming spirit, shops have a friendly competition to see who will have the most creative window display, restaurants fill their menus with holiday dishes and magic seems to be around every corner... In Andorra Santa Claus is the guest of honor strutting down his red carpet! Andorra’s New Year’s Eve and Christmas celebrations are fabulous and festive!

Your New Year’s Eve and Christmas celebrations will be festive in Andorra

If you have never experienced New Year’s Eve in Andorra, come and experience being steeped in the purest Catalan traditions. No matter which restaurant you book, a friendly atmosphere will welcome you. You will discover the tradition of eating 12 grapes, one with each stroke of the bell marking midnight.

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New Year’s Eve and Christmas in Andorra are like Proust’s madeleines!

Enter a timeless world at Andorra’s Christmas and New Year celebrations!

During the Christmas and New Year’s season in Andorra, the streets are bustling with life. Don’t miss out on this dazzling spectacle where magic fills the air. Come experience the wonders of Christmas in Andorra.

Only good reasons to come to Andorra!

In Andorra, winter sales start in December so that you can find presents for everyone without breaking the bank! Andorra has almost tax-free prices year round but before the Christmas season these already attractive prices are slashed. After a long day shopping it is great to relax at Caldéa spa! Andorra is simply the best place to enjoy your winter holidays!

You’re not going to miss out, are you?

Andorra is a stone’s throw from France and Spain. Plus most Andorrans speak these two languages perfectly and often English too. Ensure that your family will make unforgettable memories of your 2019 Christmas and New Year’s Eve by booking your trip to Andorra now. Andorrans are waiting for you with open arms, as are shops, restaurants, hotels, Christmas markets, sled dog rides and countless powder covered ski slopes!